Why Hire A Cross Trainer?

Why Hire A Cross Trainer?

With so much fitness equipment to choose from nowadays, it’s hard to decide which machine is right for the kind of exercise you want to do. If you’re looking to hire a cross trainer, you probably already have a good idea what they do and what you’re going to use it for. But it’s important to know what their strengths are compared to other equipment.

Advantages Of Hiring A Cross Trainer:

  1. Extremely Low Impact:As you get older, caring for your joints becomes a serious concern. Damage to joints becomes increasingly painful and harder to recover from. That’s why if you’re planning to exercise regularly, you should put real thought into what level of impact you’re comfortable with in your exercise.Of all cardio equipment, cross trainers probably have the absolute least impact. That’s because the natural motion of ‘riding’ the cross trainer basically takes your motion and circulates it around, meaning no hard jerky motions.the low impact of cross trainers makes them a great choice for anyone concerned about their joint health. It’s worth noting though that we also supply treadmills with dual shock absorbers, so if you prefer the exercise you get from a treadmill, they will give you a much lower impact workout that running on roads or pavements.
  2. Full Body Workout:As the name suggests, a cross trainer is able to train not just your lower body but also your upper body.Depending on how you choose to use it can make a huge difference to which areas of your body you use, and allow you to vary your workouts to target lots of different muscle groups.For example, if you lean forwards gripping the handles, you’ll work your arms a lot more. Also, if you let go of the handles, you’ll engage your core and lower body (glutes, calves) a lot more.
  3. Quickly Vary Intensities:Because of the motion of cross trainers, it’s easy to quickly go from one intensity of workout to another if you want to. this makes them great for interval training such as ‘pyramids’ to mix into your workout.

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