Planning a Managed Isolation Hotel experience?
Here are some things you should know

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Managed Isolation Tips

Not all quarantine hotels are equal

Sadly I must preface this tip with the caveat that you are unlikely to be offered a choice in this situation, but it is possible. Usually you will be at least told a few days in advance where you will be staying.

The best hotels to stay in are the ones outside of Auckland City Central. City hotels have far more limited exercise space, which has some negative flow on effects. If you like to get a proper sweat going in your work outs, this is not possible in most Auckland City quarantine hotels as it is considered undesirable to have people breathing heavily around each other (even in the outside exercise yard).

If you know you are heading for a city hotel stay, then our advice is to hire an exercise machine for your room, which leads us to my next point…

You can hire exercise equipment, delivered straight to your hotel room

Treadmill Hire Auckland has been working with managed isolation facilities to offer our exercise equipment hire for managed isolation experiences.

Having an exercise option in your own hotel room can make a big difference towards maintaining your mental health throughout your full quarantine stay. Not only are outdoor exercise options extremely limited at most hotels, but statistically COVID has been shown to spread in communal areas within these hotels.

We are serious about safety when it comes to handling our exercise equipment. All equipment is cleaned thoroughly with hospital grade anti-septic at multiple points in the delivery process, so you can rest assured that equipment from Treadmill Hire Auckland is the safest on the market.

If your hotel allows rigorous outdoor exercise, it pays to be an early riser

Reports from those staying in hotels that do allow rigorous outdoor exercise stated that exercise sessions had to be booked, usually in the extreme early hours of the morning (for example, if you want to go for a 30 minute run in the exercise yard, you may need to book a slot at 5:00 AM to avoid heavy breathing around others)

You can actually get most stuff delivered to your hotel room

From your K Mart order to Uber Eats, to spin bikes and treadmills, if you plan ahead there are few comforts you can not access during your managed isolation experience. The happiest customers we have had were the ones that planned their quarantine comforts in advance, like any other part of travel planning.

Remember that is pays to plan ahead – you might not have so much luck booking your treadmill a day into quarantine, so it pays to book anything you might want well in advance.

Don't get slack on hygiene

COVID fatigue is a real threat – when you’re 11 days into quarantine and you’ve been sanitizing everything, social distancing, and mask wearing all day every day it can become tempting to start missing things because things seem safe.

Things are only safe as long as everyone is still taking the correct precautions! At the same time, do not rely on others to do things perfectly to keep yourself safe. This is why we disinfect all machines multiple times, even if the quarantine facility has already done so themselves.

The best way to stay safe and keep your quarantine to the minimum 14 days is to remain rigorous with hygiene and social distancing, and do not leave your room unless for an important reason, as you are most as risk in communal areas.


Plan your stay ahead with a mind to make it as comfortable as possible inside your room. If there is something you want, get on the phone and see if it can be delivered to your room, and try to organise this as early as possible in the planning process.

Two weeks in a hotel room is difficult no matter how you cut it, but hopefully our tips keep you as comfortable as possible for the duration of your quarantine

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