Frequently Asked Questions - Treadmill Hire, Spin Bike, and Recumbent Bike Hire Common Questions

Can I hire equipment through ACC?

We offer many pieces of equipment that can be used for physical therapy. We are able to provide quotes for specific equipment in ACC situations where specific physical therapy is required. Ask us for an ACC quote for recumbent bikes, spin bikes, cross trainers, or treadmills.

Why hire from Treadmill Hire Auckland?

Treadmill Hire Auckland takes the burden of owning exercise equipment away from you. Machines wear down, and before you know it you are stuck with a rusty old machine taking up space in your house. Your exercise requirements and interests may also change over time. If you hire a treadmill or spin bike from Treadmill Hire Auckland, we will ensure you have a machine that meets your exercise requirements. For our long term customers, we also understand that equipment wears down over time, so if you are no longer happy with the performance of your machine simply give us a call and we will either provide a new service or a fresh machine. Our philosophy is to always keep the customer happy!

What is the difference between a spin bike and an exercycle?

Spin bikes are often referred to as exercycles, but they are actually two different designs of exercise bike.

A spin bike has a weighted fly wheel, usually at the front, that simulates the feeling of riding a bicycle. A heavier wheel will provide a tougher workout, but is not always the right option for every user.

An exercycle is a stationary exercise bike, usually with electronic resistance controls. Usually, the user sits more upright in an exercycle, and adjusts the resistance as they want to match the intensity of a workout. An exercycle is a more beginner-friendly option for hiring an exercise bike.

How do I hire exercise equipment from Treadmill Hire Auckland?

All you need to do is call us, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and we will listen to your requirements to match you up with a workout machine. There is a one-off delivery fee, then a weekly AP – amounts vary per machine. You can cancel any time with a 4 week notice period, pick up at end of contract is free of charge!

What areas do you service?

We service the entire Auckland region, though we are based in West Auckland. Please understand that for rural customers, delivery may take slightly longer depending on our availability.

Should I hire a treadmill?

If you are already thinking of hiring a treadmill, then the answer is probably yes! A treadmill is a great way to run at your own pace, without outside distractions, whenever you want, without leaving your house. Often the weather is unreliable, running outside comes with many obstacles and you may or may not live near a nice running route.

Hiring a treadmill does require a bit more living space commitment than a smaller machine, such as a spin bike. This is the cost of being able to run comfortably on the running board and the machine being able to absorb the impact from an adult’s weight.

However depending on your fitness goals, a walk, power walk, or a jog might be all you need, in which case Treadmill Hire Auckland offers a smaller range of treadmills that still allow for a complete workout without taking up as much space.

Why hire a spin bike?

If you love cycling, and want to recreate the feeling of riding a bicycle in your home workout routine, spin bike hire is a great option to consider. What makes a spin bike different from an exercycle, is that a spin bike comes equipped with a weighted fly wheel – this heavy disc simulates the momentum of a moving bike as you pedal.

Ask us about our different models available, as bigger is not always better when it comes to spin bike hire. At Treadmill Hire Auckland we strive to help you pick out the right equipment for your fitness goals, so don’t hesitate to call and ask us what we can offer.

Another advantage of spin bike hire is that using a spin bike is less stressful on the joints than running. Hiring a spin bike is a great low impact workout option for those that can’t put the stress of running on their legs or knees, but still want a great cardio workout.

What is a cross trainer?

A cross trainer, also known as an elliptical machine, is an exercise machine that simulates walking but in, as the name implies, an elliptical motion. This means that your feet stand on platforms that rotate in a circular motion, so your body goes through the motion of walking without the negative impact to your joints.

The cross trainer also comes with handle bars that move with the feet, engaging muscles across your whole body and keeping your heart pumping through your workout.

If you want a running workout without the damage to your joints that running outside can accumulate, consider cross trainer and elliptical hire with Treadmill Hire Auckland

I'm having an issue with my treadmill, what should I do?

A treadmill has a lot of moving parts, and some of our long term customers find that the treadmill will require adjustments from time to time. Think of this like a car that needs a service every 10, 000 km’s.

We offer a guarantee on your treadmill hire that we will service any issues that arise over the life of the machine. We take the hassle out of using a treadmill if you hire with Treadmill Hire Auckland.

What are the benefits of hiring a recumbent bike?

If something is ‘recumbent’, it is lying down. A recumbent bike is an exercise bicycle that allows the user to lie back in a reclined position as they use it, taking all stress off the upper body, allowing the user to comfortably exercise their legs at their own pace. Recumbent bike hire with Treadmill Hire Auckland is a comfortable experience, just like working out in one of our recumbent bikes!

Recumbent bike hire for physio therapy is very common, in addition to some of our older customers that don’t want to worry about balancing upright on a traditional spin bike.

A recumbent bike is one of the larger pieces of exercise equipment you can hire, so you will need some room, but there is nothing like a bit of commitment to start off a new fitness routine! If you hire a recumbent bike with Treadmill Hire Auckland, you can choose how long you would like it for, and we will remove it any time as per our terms and conditions. This makes recumbent bike hire a great option for physical recovery.

Which workout equipment is the best?

The answer is… the one that you use! No machine will work for you if you don’t enjoy your workout. That is why we offer a range of exercise equipment hire options at Treadmill Hire Auckland. Check out our range of products on our home page

What should I do after hiring my spin bike?

At Treadmill Hire Auckland, we take care of all maintenance needed throughout your spin bike hire period. While we make it a priority to service our machines thoroughly before they are hired by you, the customer, we guarantee that if you keep your spin bike clean, you will want to use it more! We encourage our customers to wipe down their spin bike after each use to get more enjoyment out of their spin bike hire with a clean machine.

If you have any concerns about your spin bike hire with Treadmill Hire Auckland, call us at any time and we will provide a solution.

Can I Hire Exercise Equipment in Managed Isolation?

At Treadmill Hire Auckland, we work approved managed isolation facilities and follow strict cleaning and hygiene standards to provide a safe spin bike hire service to those currently in, or planning, managed isolation. Call us now or fill out the form below if you have any questions about spin bike hire or treadmill hire in managed isolation.

What is Treadmill Hire Auckland doing about COVID-19?

More than ever, we recognize the need for home exercise options. At Treadmill Hire Auckland, we clean all spin bikes, treadmills, recumbent bikes, and elliptical cross trainers thoroughly and follow strict hygiene guidelines where appropriate. Rest assured that your safety is a top priority for Treadmill Hire Auckland during the pandemic.