Exercycle Product Info and Hire

Exercycles, or upright bikes, are one of the most common types of home exercise bike.
Exercycles are a low-impact workout option for improving your cardio and cycling endurance.
The compact design of our exercycles makes them a great option for those with less room at home for a larger machine.
Our Pro options offer special features, such as fitness test functions.

Exercycle (Upright Bike) Standard Model $16 / Week

Exercycle Product Photo

Great Exercise Bike Workout

Low impact exercise

Variable Resistance Cycling

Comfortable Workout

Fits in any room

Pro Exercycle / Upright Bike Pro $24 / Week

Exercycle Pro

Gym Quality Workout

High Intensity Settings

Variable Resistance Cycling

Programmable for All Fitness Levels

Super Heavy Duty Frame

*For those that want the best quality workout on the market

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