Our 5 Top Spin Bike Home Workout Video Recommendations

spin bike over shoulder view

Beautiful 2.5 hour Mount Cook cycle

We love this video for its stunning blue skies, steady footage and video length, the videographer has done a great job at capturing a nice calming atmosphere while still getting a great workout over 2.5 hours.

If you’re after a slower-paced ‘Sunday vibes’ long cinematic video, This one is definitely for you.

35 minute 600 calorie high intensity spin bike workout

Pressed for time? Want maximum benefits for minimum time input?

We found this great video using music to scale up the intensity of the workout, its quite easy to loose track of time with this one!

Group spin bike class

Group exercise classes have largely been put on hold over the last year, There are a lot of spin classes online that can provide a sense of inclusion, This one is our favourite, Good video quality, clear audio instructions, She even lets you know when to take a drink, all very important, This is a high-intensity workout so make sure you stretch properly.

Cycle through Amsterdam POV

Amsterdam is one of the best places in the world to travel through on two wheels, Why not take a trip around from your living room? Incredible 4k quality, Awesome architecture and lots of other cyclists top this video off for us.

Beginner spin class

If you’re wanting a lower paced workout or simply just want to start or get back to basic’s,  We found this video very easy to follow and not too intense.

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