Choosing The Best Spin Bike Rental

Choosing The Best Spin Bike Rental

Spin bike rental is becoming increasingly popular, because spin bikes are one of the most affordable¬†and versatile pieces of fitness equipment on the planet. You’ll see them everywhere, from the sidelines of world class athletics events, to retirement centres and rehabilitation facilities.

We see this wide range with our hire clients, catering to everyone from international rugby teams looking to keep warm on the sidelines during matches, to elderly people looking to get some low impact, gentle cardio and keep their joints moving.

This popularity and versatility is because cycling is an exercise that everyone is familiar with. It’s enjoyable and flexible. With a suitable spin bike, you can go from gently cycling along, to standing up off the bike pedalling hard in a simulated mountain climb.

No matter how you intend to utilise your rental spin bike, here are a few important factors to consider when choosing the right one:

Important Factors When Hiring A Spin Bike:

  1. Build Quality:Without a doubt the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE¬†OF A RENTAL SPIN BIKE is build quality. Unfortunately, this is a factor a lot of people put to the side in favour of ‘bells and whistles’, but it’s just too important to overlook.Why? Because if a spin bike isn’t made well, you won’t enjoy riding it! Light, cheaply made spin bikes jump around and make you feel nervous and unsafe while riding at faster speeds. You should be able to go as fast as you like without feeling like the bike is going to break apart, but this is exactly how riding on a cheap spin bike can feel.

    But you don’t need to worry, all of our rental spin bikes are of the same high quality, featuring strong welded frames and high quality components. This means you can feel confident riding as fast as you like.

  2. Flywheel Weight:A bit like car engines, spin bikes have flywheels to keep them turning smoothly. The purpose of these flywheels is to give you momentum so that as you ease off on the pedals, the bike doesn’t just stop suddenly.This makes riding a spin bike feel more like riding a real bike, making your workout more enjoyable and comfortable.

    So what weight should a spin bike flywheel be? Generally speaking, heavier flywheels make for a smoother and overall better riding experience. This is why we think the 18kg flywheels on our spin bikes are just right. They’re heavy enough to give you a very smooth ride, without being too heavy that you can’t spin them easily. Once you rent a spin bike with a good heavy flywheel, going back to cheap light flywheel models will be very hard!

  3. Smooth Resistance Adjustment:It’s important to be able to adjust the resistance of your spin bike, to simulate harder cycling such as going up hills.If you look around at various hire options, you’ll see that most bikes feature a fairly standard method of adjusting the resistance by turning a knob. However, some cheaper spin bike rentals will actually still feature lightly made and unreliable methods such as adjusting the tension of a material strap. These adjustment methods make for jerky motion and can actually break on you while you’re cycling!

    All of our hire spin bikes feature a well made and effective resistance adjustment knob.

If you’d like to hire one of our spin bikes, check out our great options (including discounted combo deals) here.

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