What are the Benefits of Recumbent Bike Hire?

Recumbent Bike Illustration
The Recumbent Bike has many benefits over traditional exercise bike designs

Advantages of Hiring a Recumbent Bike:

Extremely Low Impact

As you get older, or are recovering from an injury, caring for your joints becomes a serious concern. Damage to joints becomes increasingly painful and harder to recover from. That’s why if you’re planning to exercise regularly, you should put real thought into what level of impact you are putting on your joints.

Unlike running, or jogging, recumbent bike exercise places absolutely minimal stress on your joints when in use. Your body weight is supported, allowing you to keep your legs moving in a cycling motion without the impact that would come from foot steps. For this reason, the recumbent bike is a favourite for elderly exercisers or those recovering from injury.

Fully Supported Posture and Balance

Rather than a traditional bike seat found on such machines as spin bikes or exercycles, a good recumbent bike will feature a comfortable padded seat with full back support and arm rests. This makes recumbent bike rental a great option for anyone with issues affecting their balance that still want a way to get a cardio work out. The supportive seat allows the user to fully focus on their work out and leg muscles, rather than worrying about keeping their balance.

Physical Therapy Applications

You can ask your doctor or physio therapist if hiring a recumbent bike is a good option for your physical therapy. A recumbent bike usually takes up quite a lot of space and is a significant purchase, so if you think this is the option for you then book with us and arrange a fixed term rental for the duration of your therapy needs.

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