Crowded Gyms

Why Gyms Just Aren’t For Everyone

Gyms. For some people they are one of the greatest places you can imagine. A mecca where they can go to tone and sculpt their bodies, as well as show off said bodies in front of other toned and sculpted people.

For others such as myself, they are a place that feels extremely alienating, and makes me aware of all sorts of body issues. If you are a little overweight, or suffer from other types of ailments, looking around a gym can really make you aware of these, as you compare yourself to they hyper toned bodies of this world.

Even once said non-toned body has gotten into place and ready to workout, sometimes this is when the real fun begins. Sweat starts to drip from every pore of your body, and you continue to workout in shame as you look around the room at people who somehow manage to defy science and logic, and work away with minimal sweat while looking like they are ready to hit the town immediately once stepping down from their cross trainer.

This is not to say that every gym is like this, but they seem to be more common nowadays. Which begs the question, are the people at the gym simply becoming more toned and better looking, or are the rest of us just feeling more inclined to stay away?

I believe the second option is more the case. But the thing is, this is nothing to be ashamed or feel bad about. Personally, I love working out at home. Whether it’s going for a jog outside, running on a treadmill inside, or performing some plyometric exercises which I love, I feel much more committed and relaxed at home on my own. There’s no unnecessary sucking in of guts or attempted preening. Plus a complete absence of ‘groaners’, which is extremely refreshing!

In summary, gyms aren’t for everyone. If going to the gym is making you feel uncomfortable or unmotivated, just workout at home! There’s no law that says all workouts must be done in a gym. Just do whatever you feel comfortable doing and you will have much more success in the long run.