Great Jogging Routes In Auckland

Some Great Jogging Routes in Auckland

Treadmills are great for an number of reasons, but Auckland is such a beautiful city that there are still a few routes which deserve the occasional jog or walk around! (providing the weather plays along of course…)

The Waterfront (Mission Bay towards central Auckland):

jogging around mission bay

This run is one of the real jewels in Auckland’s crown. Start from mission bay and head as far as you like in towards the CBD on Tamaki Drive. On the way you’ll see great views back at the CBD as well as Devonport, and some of the islands in the Hauraki Gulf such as Rangitoto. Just make sure you don’t treat yourself with too many sweet rewards when you get back to Mission Bay!

The Domain:

jogging around Auckland's Domain

The domain has been a popular spot for joggers and walkers for a long time. It offers a range of areas, from the playing fields and grandstand up top to the various botanical gardens and green forests below, as well as the beautiful Auckland Museum. Depending on the time of day, you can either park near the museum, or up towards the grand stand.

Cornwall Park:

Jogging around Cornwall Park Auckland

Cornwall Park is a sprawling maze of great jogging tracks. You can really go wherever you like, but just keep in mind where you began! Cornwall park is notable for its beautiful farm pastures and old established trees. This makes it a great walking destination. Parking can be found along all of the inner roads, but on a busy day it might take a while to find a park.